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Congratulation Sif90! 48h Game Comp Winners 2008

Ok the game is now available in all it's glory: Melonaut.rar (32MB)
REQUIRES Two xBox360 Controllers to play
also needs at least DirectX 8.0. Get the latest version from Microsoft

If you still insist on playing, it is possible to use the keyboard to move the two characters.
p1 = WASD+QE, p2 = UHJK+YI. (up/left/down/right + plant/shoot).

Music by Danny Muller + Joel Joslin (Kid Kay Ferris).
Thank-you everyone who helped organise and play-test and generally keep us from going insane.
It was all made easier with HAAF Game Engine (HGE) available from

we also won the award for "Most time spent away from computers"

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