Welcome to the Sif90 team page

48 Hour Game Development Competition, 26-28 Oct 2007

About the Comp

The Next Level festival held the 48 hour Game Development competition at the Kelvin Grove Community hub, right next to QUT's Creative Industries Precinct. There were four teams participating in the contest, and at 6pm on Friday the 26th three words were announced on stage with which we would have to design our game around. The words of doom were: Lizard, Boat, and Robot.

After hearing the words we walked back to our working area beers in hand and prepared for the long night ahead...

About the Team

Sif90 consists of a large group of IT and Communication Design students who have completed (or completing) the degree with course code IF90 at QUT. We have a core group who became friends through working on Uni projects and are all now the best of mates hanging out, and in most cases working together in the real Games Industry.

Though we are becoming segregated as people take up different jobs (Char is a network ninja in Sydney) we are united by our precious forums, and the desire to work together on fun projects such as this..

The Process

this section needs updating...something about being the drunk group and alcahol? also discuss game design..

The Final Game

The game was completed and the judges tested it with a 360 pad in dual analog setup. This was done very last minute and as a result required external applications. For now you can play the final game with mouse and keyboard.

Download Sticky Gecko's!

How to play?
The aim of the game is to keep the ship afloat whilst racking up as many points as you can. Shoot the lizards from the hovering robot but try to keep your boat afloat, and watch out, as it gets harder to keep it balanced once you are earning more points!

Keyboard: A - Move left, D - Move right
Mouse: Control target point, Click to shoot lizards!

Notes & Thanks

We must thank the developers of the ExperimentalGameplayFramework for using their codebase as a starting point, and also all the organisers for keeping our area pretty clean, removing old noodle water and the such.

And of course thanks to Jane (truna) for all the organisation and being so enthusiastic about games, it really makes (or made) the last part of uni enjoyable for us!

Also thanks to the judges, was great to hear your words of encouragement and for choosing us as the winners :)

Charlie (Jon) is missing from this photo...I guess he might photoshop himself in eventually. :)